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wordle, with a save and load button added, made into a single file (from /src) using monolith

mostly just unminifying the existing code, using some patterns from the original html/css, and exporting and loading the localStorage 'statistics' object.

Exporting existing wordle stats

From the wordle page, Open your browser console (right click, inspect element or tools, open console or something), then load your stats like this:


They should look something like this

  "currentStreak": 0,
  "maxStreak": 0,
  "guesses": {
    "1": 1000,
    "2": 0,
    "3": 0,
    "4": 0,
    "5": 0,
    "6": 0,
    "fail": 0
  "winPercentage": 0,
  "gamesPlayed": 0,
  "gamesWon": 0,
  "averageGuesses": 0

and then copy the object into a text editor, save as .json