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  Holly McFarland f88fab0431 Flesh out readme 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland 1381b9f8f8 Add requirements.txt to install prereqs with 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland 9e12b91340 Merge pull request 'Include command line flag to repost pinned thread' (#3) from update-pins into main 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland 65661ef8c1 Include command line flag to repost pinned thread 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland 07d80f689a Allow curly braces in place of square brackets 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland a95e1fb029 Clarify reply_visibility comment 6 months ago
  Holly McFarland 6eb1a5626e Clean up a useless import 6 months ago
  Holly 6e57ed55b3 Improve documentation 8 months ago
  Holly 6443f7b849 Refactor easter eggs into a separate file 8 months ago
  Holly ec8ffed27b Fix broken DFC support 8 months ago
  Holly McFarland 5375a36c52 Merge pull request 'Get card text from Scryfall instead of constructing it' (#2) from scryfall-text-rep into main 8 months ago
  Holly McFarland 1e72ad7199 Get card text from Scryfall instead of constructing it 8 months ago
  Holly McFarland 4be8ddf9b2 Improved DFC support (closes #1) 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 73e5b2cc85 big refactor + respond to mentions 1 year ago
  Holly 7273f71132 allow searching for a version of a card with a specific set 1 year ago
  Holly 173060d2d3 Revert "upload attachments asynchronously" 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland ec7d7176b0 upload attachments asynchronously 1 year ago
  Holly 6642754d97 this typo wasn't causing problems because we use fuzzy matching anyway but it is still a typo 1 year ago
  Holly bcf2ad4ba1 Don't choke when the status fails to send 1 year ago
  Holly 979956d347 easter egg for empty call 1 year ago
  Holly fd06798028 handle paginated follower/following lists, whoops 1 year ago
  Holly 3a7a9ad33e extremely light cleaning up of the input being being passed blindly into the scryfall api 1 year ago
  Holly 93d0c363ad easter egg for people who try to put in something too long 1 year ago
  Holly 81244e2190 don't allow search queries so long the api spits in my face about it 1 year ago
  Holly d60c44a03c fix bug that caused it to ignore all boosts, and all statuses that were not boosts 1 year ago
  Holly 802b9d3906 more gracefully handle rate limiting (in theory anyway) 1 year ago
  Holly adf781c48f ignore boosts (in theory anyway) 1 year ago
  Holly aa8b049342 fix a stray import 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 668ed5e96a log url of posted replies 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland e8b225df6a Don't push your commits without testing, kids. I don't care if you were just swapping a couple variable names around. You will miss something. 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 2b09af66f3 wrote more comments 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 8d34e3c7d4 support for double faced cards... sort of 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 5cb52b90c5 more attempted refactoring. actually made some things uglier but it can followback instantly now 1 year ago
  Holly 306bf1870b beginning of attempted refactor 1 year ago
  Holly 68c8f66740 remote whitespace from empty lines 1 year ago
  Holly 86dc07d64b Slightly more resilient against crashing due to events I don't know how to handle 1 year ago
  Holly f84360398e enforce python3.9 usage for now 1 year ago
  Holly 916de1bdb0 add the shebang 1 year ago
  Holly df1b8b6c6d fix file permissions 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 378d1e75e3 typo 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland d76831e6c2 i think this is a working v0.1? 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland ef9dd33318 parse card names and reply 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland b754023395 Handles opting in/out and listens for statuses from opted in accounts 1 year ago
  Holly McFarland 6cb0769ee6 Initial commit 1 year ago