Script to perform moderation actions on remote instances from the Mastodon frontend (and technically, a tool to generate the script).
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Remote Instance Actions

Quickly suspend or silence remote instances from the Mastodon frontend

What is this?

A userscript to make blocking remote instances on Mastodon a less tedious and time-consuming task.

How do I install it?

First, install Tampermonkey. Then, visit the installation website.

Why have a whole installation website for a userscript?

It fills in the @match directives for whatever instances are relevant to the user, using GET parameters so Tampermonkey's update functionality will continue to work.

Why is there PHP in a .user.js file?

For the same reason as the last question. That's how the @match directives are filled in with the GET parameters. The file has to have the .user.js extension so that Tampermonkey will prompt the user to install it, which means I had to go into the PHP configuration files and allow it to execute .js files as PHP. It's a little cursed but it does work.


  • Figure out why it doesn't work on Firefox
    • It's because the @run-at context-menu header only works in Chrome based browsers. The context menu item appears in Firefox but doesn't do anything. Find a workaraound
    • It's actually because of something extremely different and much, much weirder. @run-at context-menu actually does exist in Firefox now, but there's a bizarre CSP enforcement bug that causes Firefox issues. Details on the installation page
      • Fixed in an update to Tampermonkey
  • Don't rely on parsing human-readable text, won't work in other languages
    • There's no good API or anything for this, going to need to parse the document structure
    • There actually is an API now, but it's only available in 4.0+. Investigate this